Fortified sector Morava-Jih

SubsectorCasematesNumber of
Number of
built by 1938
1./XI. SatovMJ-S 1–MJ-S 14163 
2./XI. HevlinMJ-S 15–MJ-S 28142 
3./XI. MikulovMJ-S 29–MJ-S 41151 

Construction of casemates in this sector started in June 1938, soon after the German occupation of Austria. It was planned by the end of January 1939 to built there 41 casemates. However, due to the Munich Agreement in September, 1938, only six of them were built, though it meant only concreting, no installations had been done.

After the Second World War, Austria became a new enemy in relation to the outbreak of Cold War. All casemates in the southern Moravia were finished and modernised. It meant replacing old anti-tank guns Skoda with Russian guns model 44 calibre 85mm which had been designed especially for use in Czechoslovak casemates (it was modernised gun from tank T-34). Casemates were also equipped with new air-ventilation system and domes were installed. Regarding machineguns, finally it had been decided to retain original ZB machineguns model 26 and 37 here.

Since 1990 casemates had been considering less and less strategically important and in 1998 they were withdrawn from operation. Today they are mainly closed with exception of casemate MJ-S 3 near Satov which has been serving as a museum.