Fortified sector Kraliky

SubsectorCasematesNumber of
Number of
built by 1938
1./III. Cerveny PotokK-S 2–K-S 988 
2./III. HurkaK-S 10–K-S 1366artillery group
3./III. BorikoviceK-S 14–K-S 2077 
4./III. BoudaK-S 21–K-S 2455artillery group
5./III. MladkovK-S 25–K-S 361212 
6./III. AdamK-S 37–K-S 461110including artillery group
7./III. JedlinaK-S 47–K-S 53b88 

Sector Kraliky was one of the most finished ones in 1938. It starts from spot height Steinberg (now Malinik) near town Kraliky and ends near territorial bounderies - river Divoka Orlice.

It comprises infantry casemates K-S 2 to K-S 53b and three artillery groups (Berghoehe/Hurka, Baudenkoppe/Bouda and Adam). Now, only Bouda is accessible as a museum. Hurka near Kraliky is currently closed (probably museum will be created here in next few years) and Adam is still held by Czech Army and has a military area status.