Army designation:R-S 80
Code Name:U potucku
Type:infantry casemate of artillery group
Resistance Class:IV
Artillery Group:Hanicka

Armament left sideArmament right side
Domes or cupolas from left to right

Status in 1938:finished
Current status:closed (2010)

Latitude:N50 11.852'
Longitude:E16 30.881'
Map link:GoogleMaps

Whole bunker was buried during construction of the atomic shelter Kahan in 1980s (and even more - all loopholes and ditches were sealed with concrete). After 1995 the left part has been dug out. Inside in the stair-well stairs were removed and a big water tank was placed instead. So the interior of the bunker is not officially accessible from the museum, because it is not easy to get inside (you have to climb a really high ladder).