Author:Radek Hrabcak
 alex at fortif dot net

I was 13 when I saw my first bunker in 1991. I have visited many others all around the world since that time. I have seen German bunkers of Atlantikwall, West Wall, East Wall, Frech Maginot line and forts of Sere des Rivieres system, Yugoslavian Rupnik line, Italian Vallo Alpino, Belgium and Dutch fortresses, Austro-Hungarian fortresses, American coastal batteries in Phillipines... Shortly, fortifications are my big hobby.

Sometimes it seems that almost all has been written down regarding the Czechoslovak fortifications. There have been tens of books published. There are many websites available and some of them are incredibly good and extensive. On the other hand, almost all are written in Czech language, which, in my opinion, is quite unreadable for strangers. I hope this site will be helpful for you even if the English is not native and so perfect as yours.

Feel free to contact me whenever you want some info that you haven't found here (questions regarding fortifications are preferred...). I will also appreciate any feedback.